Low Vision Impairment

Teaching Strategies

• Verbally spelling and saying aloud new words or instructions benefits all especially the visually impaired

• Arrange for a buddy system with another student in the class, someone who the student is comfortable to trust

• An enlarged activity script of a lesson can be used using the tactile 3D model

• Use overhead projectors to display step by step instructions

• Use an opaque projector whenever possible to enlarge a text or manual

• All colored objects used for identification that pertains to lessons and equipment using a Braille label maker

• Use a sighted narrator or descriptive video to des to describe aspects of videos or laser disks

• Describe, in detail, verbally what is being written on the chalkboard

• Use hands on materials, especially 3-d Shapes

• Use raised line drawings for tactile presentations

• Use a tape recorder for recording classroom presentations, lessons and text

• Make handouts, assignments in regular, large print and in Braille or a cassette

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