Hard of Hearing and Deaf

Educational Strategies

• When speaking to students speak at a normal pace without over pronounce or over enunciating, unless needed in an situation
• Try not to speak loudly
• Rephrase a sentence to the student if not understood the first time, instead of repeating similar question over again
• When writing on a chalkboard, turn to face the class and student when speaking
• Minimize unnecessary movement, so the teachers face is visible to the student, student can understand verbal and facial expression
• Turn off the overhead projector when not in use, as the hum of the projector can be distracting for hearing impaired students
• Minimize classroom noise as much as possible such as closing doors and windows
• Place tennis balls under chair and table legs, to prevent screeching noise
• Establish rules, routines and regulations so students know what to predict in their transitions
• Use the buddy system so students can support one another, which builds cooperation and team building in the classroom
• Plan ahead for emergency situations and fire drills

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