• Encourage students to use a graphic organizer
• Modifying testing layout, include multiple choice response rather than focusing on handwriting, this will less the frustration level for students
• Allow student to practice writing on the chalkboard rather than the worksheets, as there is more room on the chalk board
• Review organization of material of task with student, and clarify student knows what the task is
• Have student seated in front of the classroom and close to the teacher, have a seating plan available
• Encourage student to use their school agenda or calendar to record assignments and important due dates
• Have the students turn lined paper vertically when in math class. As the vertical lines can assist student to keep numbers in the appropriate columns when problem solving
• Design worksheets with easiest question first and then difficult questions, as early success assists students in building self esteem and motivation to try again
• Use visual manipulatives and create hands on learning opportunities
• Display the students work, as student can view peers work and understand expectations of level of work as a guide
• Encourage note sharing amongst peers

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