Cerebral Palsy


• Teacher must take time to learn about CP, and become familiar with these students and their learning requirements
• Contact the local CP organization as a resource and invite them in the classroom as a guest speaker
• Provide resources to parents and students
• Discuss with students who it is to be in a wheelchair as this builds empathy building
• Focus on child strengths and abilities rather than disabilities
• Give powerful leadership roles in classroom
• Incorporate the various learning styles to engage all types of learners
• Ask questions to the students if unsure do not make assumptions
• Lessons should be planned and implemented that could easily accommodate the student and can be modified
• Provide hands on learning experiences
• Include and use parents as a reference and tool, parents as partners
• Collaborate with other staff and team members in gaining knowledge, information and techniques that they could offer that could assist the child being successful in learning in the classroom.

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